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Development of Arts and Cultural Industries

Our vision is to develop Hong Kong into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange and an international cultural metropolis grounded in Chinese traditions and enriched by different cultures, where life is celebrated through cultural pursuit, and creativity is a constant driver of progress in the community.

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Promoting Sports Development

We are committed to fostering sports development and are dedicated to the promotion and implementation of the Government’s three policy objectives, namely to promote sports in the community, support elite sports and promote Hong Kong as a centre for major international sports events. We are also exploring ways to further promote sports development through enhanced professionalism in the sports sector and development of sports as an industry. Besides, we endeavor to increase and enhance sports and recreation facilities, as well as encourage collaboration among communities in fostering a strong sporting culture.

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Developing a World-class Destination for Visitors

We make every effort to enhance our tourism facilities and support the development of new attractions and events so that Hong Kong remains a premier tourist destination.

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Creative Industries

Creativity makes Hong Kong a more attractive international city. We promote the development of eight creative sectors with an industry-led approach, providing funding support to the trade for organisation of projects.

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